Wedding Photography

Wet Weather Weddings: 25 Photos That Prove Rain Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Big Day! 

The idea of rain on your wedding day brings out a fear like no other.

What about your dress? What about your shoes? What about the guests?!

It seems as though we are all programmed to believe that the sun must be out in order to have a great day and get the best photos, resulting in most brides spending the run-up to their wedding praying for fair weather.  This series of photos proves that there really isn’t anything to worry about – you can still rock a wedding dress in the rain and end up with some incredible photos of it!

Check out these couples who totally owned their rainy wedding day…

Photo: Our Love Is Loud

Photo: Our Love Is Loud


Photo: Andres Zavadskis


Photo: Kelsey Goodwin


Photo: Ryan Brenizer



Photo: Elegant Union



Photo: Ivan Zamanuhin



Photo: Carolyn Bentum



Photo: Del Sol Photography



Photo: B-Freed Photography



Photo: Sofia Plana



Photo: Liz Grogan



Photo Source Unknown


Photo: Jerry Yoon


Photo Source Unknown



Photo: Rylee Hitchner



Photo: Emily Steffen



Photo: Ryan Ray Photography



Photo: Braedon Flynn



Photo: Ariel Renae



Photo: Bentinmarcs Photography



Photo: Michelle Lindsell



Photo: Bentinmarcs Photography



Photo: Crystal Stokes



Photo: Crystal Stokes


Anyone else doing a rain dance? XO

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